In the municipality of Cavallino-Treporti, there is a small gem still not too well known: the Borgo di Lio Piccolo, an unmissable stop to be included in the list of what to see around Jesolo. If you love nature and tranquility, from the Jesulum Hotel, take a few hours to discover this small town on the lagoon where time seems to have stopped.

Half an hour’s drive from our hotel, you can reach Lio Piccolo along a scenic road. You can visit this mainly agricultural area by bike or with a nice walk in nature, characterized by canals, sandbars, a few isolated huts, and numerous gardens where they grow the famous “castraùre” (the first bud of the violet artichoke) and the so-called “zizole” (jujubes).

In Lio Piccolo, you will also see the seventeenth-century church dedicated to Santa Maria della Neve with a bell tower and the vicarage from the early XX century, Palazzetto Boldù from the XVII century, and the splendid pink flamingos which, at sunset, make the area even more suggestive and… magical!