An hour and ten minutes by car from Hotel Jesulum is the magnificent city of Padua, home to a rich historical and artistic heritage.

With flat land and numerous waterways, let its squares, churches, universities, and 3000 years old architectural beauties, surprise and bewitch you.

The symbol of the city is the Basilica of Sant’Antonio, one of the most famous and popular places of worship in Christianity. Among the churches we recommend you visit, there is the fourteenth-century Cappella degli Scrovegni, with frescoes by Giotto, and the Basilica of Santa Giustina at the end of Prato della Valle, one of the largest squares in Europe characterized by a circular canal with a double ring of imposing statues.

This park is perfect on sunny days to relax on the lawn with a good book or your travel companions. Piazza Duomo, Piazza della Frutta, Piazza delle Erbe, and Piazza dei Signori are also important meeting points in the city.

Home to one of the oldest universities in Europe, Padua is studded with academic centers animated by young people from all over Italy and abroad.

The City of Sant’Antonio is so rich in architecture, monuments, palaces, and museums that you will be spoiled for choice during your visit.

In addition to the magnificent churches, the spectacular Clock Tower, and the Eremitani Civic Museums, we suggest stopping at the Botanical Garden, the oldest in Italy and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, whose history dates back to 1545.

Without making too many plans, let the beauties of Padua guide you: stroll under its arcades and try the local cuisine, including Bigoli with sardine and capers, Codfish “alla Padovana”, “Spritz” and Torta pazientina.

At Hotel Jesulum, we will give you all the information and suggestions you need to reach Padua by car and discover all its wonders!